De Cătălin Tolontan, Adriana Oprea, Alexandra Nistoroiu, Delia Marinescu,

by Delia Marinescu, Alexandra Nistoroiu, Adriana Oprea and Cătălin Tolontan
Vasile Mutu and Florentina Pătru had just arrived yesterday from France in the Olteni village, situated 7 kilometers away from Râmnicu Vâlcea.

They returned after the ultimatum given by the social worker. They were at risk of losing the allowance for raising the children, after leaving their girls and boys with their relatives, including little Constantin, without filling the necessary legal forms, yet the parents cashing the money as if they were the ones to look after the children. 

We found them in the backyard of the pink house where the NYT journalists had filmed 11 persons crammed together. Now there were just the two of them and the children. 

They were discussing with Ilie Mărunțelu, the local representative of the Roma party. 

Why did you give that away without my approval? Have I given you my consent? If I took pictures of you and said you were a prostitute, would you be ok with it?”, Vasile Mutu started to yell at the Libertatea reporter. 

The journalist asked for further details regarding the most severe accusation of ethnic-based persecution, the one according to which the mother had been sterilised against her will, when giving birth to Constantin, at the County Hospital in Vâlcea. 

– Is it true that they ligated your tubes? 
– How come you call me to account for that? I do not want you to barge into my personal life. 
– Your life is public, on the internet. 
– I told to the Americans, not to you. 

Vasile and Florentina have become nervous quite fast but for a while they restrained themselves to talk normally. 

”I know from somewhere else that I must give you my approval for you to come to film me. Until I gave the approval to America, they did not come into my house”, said Florentina Pătru.  

Reporter: Did they pay you to speak? 
Florentina: It’s none of your business.
– On the phone you told me they paid you. 
Vasile: Please get out (He shows us outside the yard). 

The moment of total transfiguration was when the woman saw her own handwriting on the hospital document  

The discussion continued in the street, outside the yard. 

”I had people there (reporter note: America) who helped me and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Cause of that woman who put us in the newspaper. Without her we wouldn’t do nothing. But you cause us only trouble”, explained Florentina the reason for which she is angry at the press in Romania.

Ilie Mărunțelu showed Florentina on the phone screen the article from Libertatea, with the facsimile of the consent she provided on October 11, 2017, for her tubes to be ligated: ”Haven’t you seen on the phone your signature: «I agree»? Are you crazy? I just saw. It goes like this: «I solicit the ligation…»”. 

The patients evolution chart, where Florentina Pătru wrote: ”I solicit the tubes ligation” | Photo: Libertatea 

Florentina Pătru looked appalled at the reporter: ”The lady looked at the hospital?!”. 

At this moment, things escalated and both Florentina and Vasile became verbally violent and menacing. 

We hereby present the audio recording of the most tense moment: 

Florentina Pătru: You looked at the hospital, you went to the hospital? 
Reporter: Yes

– Well, why do you want to cause trouble?
– Madam, we do not intend to cause any trouble 

– Aren’t you afraid of God?
– Yes, I am. 

– Please leave immediately this place. C’mon, or I will throw stones at you!
– How come, throw stones at me? 

– Leave! Who gave you the right to search at my hospital? Who gave you the right to look without my consent? (she picked a stone and raised her hand)
– Madam, do not hit me. 
Florentina Pătru: Fuck you, you mother fucker wimp. 

Ilie Mărunțelu, the representative of the Roma Party, stepped in and asked Florentina and Vasile to calm down. 

Reporter: We want to know the truth. If in Romania … 
Vasile: Hey you are really something else! Are you really nuts? Cause I call you nuts. You keep on saying the same word: ”we want, we want”. What do you want to find out? You are deaf and crazy. (…) If you keep on publishing, nothing good will come out of this! 
Florentina: Tell her to get going, never set foot here again, cause I’ll be damned, I will throw boiling water at you… please leave. I’ll kill you, should I go to jail but I’ll kill you.

Vasile Mutu has three convictions in Europe in September, October and November 2016

In February 2018, Vasile Mutu crossed the Mexico-USA border and asked for political asylum in the United States for ethnic-based persecution in Romania. But he was turned down and imprisoned in a detention center in Texas. The four-month-old baby together with whom he attempted to enter the USA, Constantin, was separated and given into custody to an American family, as part of the extremely controversial measure of President Trump. Father and son were repatriated to Romania, one at a time, in the summer of 2018 | Photo: / Kornea Kapatoos 

The international criminal record of Vasile Mutu, consulted by Libertatea, contains the following convictions: 

1. September 2016 – conviction for fraud and mischief – Tribunal Correctionnel Nantes (France): a criminal fine accompanied by confiscation 

2. October 2016 – conviction for robbery and aggression – Augsburg (Germany): 10 months of prison with suspended penalty. 

3. November 2016 – conviction for fraud and mischief – Tribunal Correctionnel Tarascon (France): 4 months of imprisonment. 

In Romania, Vasile Mutu este is at the present defendant as a result of a fight with axes between two families, which took place on January 14, 2019 at the Paradis motel, in Râmnicu Vâlcea.  

The injured required medical care, but the women and men winto the fight resisted hospitalization and quickly withdrew their complaints filed against each other. 

”They were hoping the Prosecutor’s Office would cease the criminal investigation yet the prosecutors from the Vâlcea Court carried on the investigation, as there is filmed evidence from inside the restaurant and felonies that cannot be annulled simply by the reconciliation of parties”, stated legal sources for the newspaper. 

In the video recordings filed within the record it is visible that Vasile Mutu is one of the ones initiating the fight. The criminal record is under investigation at the Prosecutor’s Office.

Main photo: / Kornea Kapatoos 

Translated by Karina Han

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